Editorial Specifications

Editorial Specifications for North State Parent Magazine

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  • Our goal is to provide positive editorial of interest to parents and guardians of children, and to those who work with children.
  • Our readers represent a variety of lifestyles and beliefs; we strive to be respectful of familial and cultural diversity.
  • We have the opportunity to nurture and encourage the powerful bond of ‘family’ through our editorial, and we are especially interested in editorial that promotes a developmentally appropriate, healthy and peaceful environment for children.
  • We strive to balance editorial content to reflect topics important to each stage of childhood: infant, toddler, preschool, school-aged and teens. Our audience includes grandparents, blended families, single parents and adoptive and foster parents.


  1. Submissions are made via email to editorial@northstateparent.com (unless other arrangements have been made). The email subject should include one of the following: Reprint Available, Query or Article. Also include the topic/title if applicable, i.e., Reprint Available: Peggy Sue Rafts the Klamath.
  2. If you are submitting an unsolicited query, please restrict each submission to one or two proposals that include a potential title, proposed premise/hook and your approach to the piece. Include potential interview sources you may use to localize and/or substantiate your premise (if needed). The number of submissions we receive hinders our response time to undeveloped queries.
  3. We plan magazine issues four to six months in advance; please keep this in mind when sending timed pieces.
  4. North State Parent reserves the right to edit copy and make final decisions on page layout. While we try to work with authors as much as is feasible, we are not able to provide the author with a final draft before printing.
  5. General article submission tips:
    1. Before submitting, proof your work- use spell and grammar check, and if possible have at least one other person read your piece for clarity.
    2. Submit as a Word document in a 12-point font. Single spaced submissions are preferred.
    3. Double-space lines between paragraphs. (Don’t indent paragraphs.)
    4. Include a word count for your piece; give sidebar word count separately. i.e., W/C 685, Sidebar W/C 89
    5. Include a title (and subtitle if you like). We may change the title, but your piece is incomplete without one.
    6. Avoid excessive use of exclamations (!).
    7. Keep paragraphs relatively short.
    8. Avoid using he/she, her/his… pick a gender for your subject and stick to that; it’s okay to change genders when introducing another subject.
  6. We run both short (400-600 words “bits”) and longer (700-1000 words or more) articles. If you are writing an assigned article we will let you know the word count needed. Photographs may also be submitted via email as high-resolution (300 dpi) jpg images. Please include the photographer’s name and a statement that the photographer gives permission to publish the photograph.
  7. Articles should be informative without being overly technical. Articles that carry a story line and/or present an interesting angle are preferred.
  8. Localizing the article is important; including interview comments from local residents is one way to do this. We serve four Upper California counties: Butte, Tehama, Shasta and Siskiyou, and we strive to represent editorial pertinent to all geographic areas we serve.
  9. We do not disclose full name and location information of minors, for privacy reasons. When including interview quotes from a minor, an example of how to do this is: “… said 7-year-old Benjamin of Redding, CA.” or “…said, Trudy, age 7, of Chico.” Check with adults you may be quoting to be clear about how much personal information they are comfortable having disclosed by way of their name and location.
  10. Articles with instructions, i.e., recipes or art projects, must have directions tested prior to submission. If articles mention historical or scientific facts, please be sure your information is accurate; document statistics where appropriate.
  11. Article’s Sidebar information:
    1. A sidebar may be included with your article, such as a resource list for the topic being presented. When presenting local resources, each county NSP serves (Butte, Shasta, Siskiyou & Tehama) should be included when possible.
    2. Due to space constraints, sidebar information should be brief – include only the most relevant and quality resources that will inspire readers to research further – you may include both local and online resources.
    3. Sidebar information can also be a list of bulleted points key to the topic, or an inset box with “bit” info such a relevant quote not fitting within the article body; something cute, funny or interesting enough to be included.
    4. Sidebar information is often considered part of an article’s overall word count; some exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.
  12. Author’s Bio
    1. Please include a brief author’s bio that relates in some way to the article you are submitting, i.e., let readers know (in a few words) why you wrote the article… how it relates to your life. If appropriate, humor is appreciated. i.e., Author Tammy Trekker began hiking at age three and looks forward to introducing her two children to the experience as soon as they can walk without wobbling.
    2. If you are local, feel free to indicate your location; if you are a parent, it’s great to say so, since we are a family magazine. Siskiyou County author Brenda Boeder is a mom and dedicated food revolutionary with the intention of inspiring peace one mouth at a time.
    3. We do not publish author’s website or contact info, unless by special agreement (i.e. a PR trade agreement with published book author or organization).
    4. Begin your bio with “Author Jane Smith…” to avoid the obvious “Jane Smith is a freelance writer who…”
  13. Author’s Picture: Please also submit via email a high-resolution (300 dpi) .jpg author’s photo. A thumbnail picture of the author accompanies each author’s bio in our publication.
  14. Commissioned articles are by prior arrangement. Payments are as follows: Assignments under 600 words: $45; 600 up to 800 words: $75; 800+ words: $100. We generally do not publish articles over 1,200 words.
  15. Reprint & unsolicited submissions rates: 1000 words and over: $45; 500 up to 1000 words: $35; “bits” pieces (under 500 words) $25.
  16. Rights: We purchase one-time print rights with regional exclusivity for three months upon publication and electronic rights for use at http://www.northstateparent.com.
  17. Author Invoicing
    1. Authors will receive an invoice request from us once the article has been published. Please do not submit your invoice prior to receiving an invoice request, as space limitations may happen in the final hour that require an article to be pulled last minute from a particular issue. We strive to avoid this, as it’s like pulling a child off a school bus about to head onward to a fun field trip – it’s disheartening.
    2. Once your author’s invoice is received, we normally send out its payment by the end of the month the article runs in.
    3. If we do not have your social security number on file for 1099 tax form independent contractor requirements, please include it with your invoice.

Thank you for your interest in North State Parent Magazine. We appreciate the potential of working with you.