What I Thought I Knew vs. What I Know About Raising Adopted Kids

With consistent limitlessness, I love all my children the same, born to me and adopted by me. Then again, if I'm honest, that's not totally true. I love my adopted kids "more," because more is required. My adopted children arrived with invisible, overflowing suitcases of tough stuff - issues inherent to adoption - spilling over into our daily … [Read more...]

Foster Care Adoption: Five Reasons You Don’t Want to Do It … and Five Greater Reasons Why You Do

There generally is no easy way to start a family. Physical procreation has its serious challenges and costs. We are also fully capable of procreating with the help of surrogacy, or we can pursue private adoption, which, while not biological, is pro-creation of a family. Another way to create a family and help others is through foster care that … [Read more...]

Voyage From Ethiopia: A Dad’s Perspective on International Adoption

International adoption is a frustrating, difficult and expensive process, and yet I’m here to recommend it. And for two very good reasons. My daughters. While international adoption made my family possible, I’m not blind to its challenges. It’s neither simple nor inexpensive; you’re dealing with two governments, multiple bureaucracies within … [Read more...]