Youth Orchestras, Choirs & Music Groups

Butte & Tehama Counties Children’s Choir Of Chico  (530)342-2775. Ages 5 & up. Chico. Provides extraordinary choral music experiences. Chico Rockstars (guitar, drums, piano, voice, banjo, ukelele, flute, trumpet, sax, toddler and baby classes, summer camp), (530)809-4932, All Ages, Chico Music Teacher’s … [Read more...]


Woodwinds: Baritone Horn, Clarinet, Flute, Harmonica, Saxophone, Trumpet Butte & Tehama County, CA Peggy Hargrove (all) (530)892-2111. All ages. Redding, Red Bluff, Chico Linda James (all)  (530)533-9336. All ages. Oroville Chris Uchibori (clarinet/flute/sax)  (530)243-3540. All ages. Red Bluff Melinda Maxwell (clarinet/sax) … [Read more...]


Butte & Tehama County, CA Kristin Baugher, MM  (530)521-1722. 6 and up. Chico/Orland Joanna Coen  (530)898-0110. All ages. Chico Regina Hoff  (530)895-1766. All ages. Chico Linda James  (530)533-9336. All ages. Oroville Judi Richins  (530)529-0383. 8 & up. Red Bluff Holly Taylor  (530)898-0110. All ages. Chico … [Read more...]

Strings / Fiddle

Strings: Autoharp, Cello, Fiddle, Harp, Upright Bass, Viola, Violin Butte & Tehama County, CA Ellen Abshier (classical violin) (530)351-1156. 5 to Adult. Cottonwood Jimi Beeler (fiddle)  (530)533-9336. All ages. Oroville Kim Scherba Bruder (cello) (530)342-6522. 6 & up. Butte/Glenn Co. Linda James (harp)  (530)533-9336. All ages. … [Read more...]

Songwriting / Composing

Songwriting and Composing Let’s Make Music! (530)338-1768. Ages: 6-12. Redding Mandalyn May (530)424-8853. All ages. Chico … [Read more...]

Preschool Music & Movement Groups

Butte County Chico Rockstars Group Classes; Chico. Fun ongoing weekly parent-child classes offered in two age groups, 0-2yrs and 3-4yrs. Music concepts are taught through movement, drumming, singing, props play & more. Held at Chico Rockstars School of Music, 932 West 8th Ave. Info:; (530) 809-4932. Circle Time; … [Read more...]

Piano / Keyboards

Music Instruction: Piano & Keyboards Butte & Tehama County, CA Dr. Robert Bowman (piano & harpsichord) (530)521-2518. All ages. Chico Dustin Breshears  (530)879-0567. 4 & up. Chico Ben Colbeck (piano) (530) 321-5755. 8 & up. Chico, Paradise, Oroville Kim Scherba Bruder (beg. piano) (530) 342-6522. 6 & up. … [Read more...]

Guitar / Fretted Strings

Fretted Strings: Electric Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Mountain Dulcimer, Ukulele. Butte & Tehama County, CA Jimi Beeler (banjo/guitar/mandolin)  (530)533-9336. All ages. Oroville Terry Carr (elec. bass) (530) 898-0110. All ages. Chico Ben Colbeck (guitar, bass, ukulele) (530) 321-5755. 8 & up. Chico, Paradise, Oroville Michael … [Read more...]

Drums / Percussion

Butte & Tehama County Terry Carr  (530)898-0110.  All ages. Chico Dan Elsen  (530)898-0110. All ages. Chico Ken Mackell (530) 898-0110. All ages. Chico Shasta & Siskiyou County Dennis Cadigan  (530)243-7283. All ages. Redding Steve Joseph  (530)223-2040. All ages. Redding Kenji Kato  (530)547-7070 or 530-524-9270. All … [Read more...]

Music Instruction & Groups

The North State region is greatly enriched by the dedication and caring of a core group of music instructors, along with an array of youth music groups. If you are a musician or music group director and would like to update or add a listing, contact or call  (530) 926-1287.  Thank you to The Music Connection for helping … [Read more...]