Play with your child or watch friendships blossom among little ones. Playgroups help children develop critical social skills. Also contact your local community/family resource centers for information about local playgroups; see Family & Community Resource Centers in this section. BUTTE COUNTY Bricks 4 Kidz; Chico. Check calendar for a … [Read more...]

Parenting Classes & Methods

Parenting is not always intuitive! Taking a class and learning different parenting methods can help prepare you for the inevitable challenges of parenting so you can also fully appreciate its joys. MULTIPLE COUNTIES 40 Developmental Assets®. The Search Institute’s framework of Developmental Assets is a widely used approach to positive youth … [Read more...]

Legal Assistance

Looking for someone to help you unwind all the legal red tape? Start here for tools and organizations to get you started. MULTIPLE COUNTIES Law Help California Website. LawHelp helps people of low & moderate incomes find free legal aid programs in their communities, answers to questions about their legal rights & forms to help them … [Read more...]

Parenting Classes

Multiple Counties Parent Cafés; Butte & Shasta. Parent Cafés are opportunities for parents to share information & ideas in meaningful guided discussions with the goal of strengthening families. Parents make new friends, share their hopes & dreams for their families, & learn about resources, all ultimately building a stronger … [Read more...]

Single Parenting Resources

Becoming a single parent can be one of the most difficult transitions a parent has to face. Divorce requires making tough decisions and a new vocabulary that includes words like “custody” & “visitation time.” Here are a few resources offering support for parents and children going through the challenges of divorce. Child Custody Help for … [Read more...]

Early Childhood Programs

Welcoming a new little one into your world? Find supportive groups and programs to help you raise healthy, happy babies and toddlers. MULTIPLE COUNTIES California Early Start. An interagency system of coordinated services for infants & toddlers, ages 0-36 months, with disabilities & their families. Find out about early intervention … [Read more...]

Parenting Support Helpline

National Parent Helpline offers emotional support for parents in English & Spanish. Call Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm. (855) 4A PARENT (855-427-2736). Updated December 2016 LS … [Read more...]

Early Childhood Programs & Child Care Referral Agencies

Also see Birth categories in section Health. Multiple Counties California Early Start. An interagency system of coordinated services for infants & toddlers with disabilities & their families. Find out about early intervention services in your community. Visit or call (1-800) 515-BABY. First 5 California, … [Read more...]

Couples Only

Shasta County OhHello!; Redding. Supports marriages by providing creative ideas for couples to get out for date nights. Search the OhHello! website based on type of activity &/or budget at Updated 02/05/2014 MS … [Read more...]

Infant Massage

Learn to communicate & cue into your baby’s needs through loving and gentle touch. Research shows that increased brain, emotional and social development occurs when babies are massaged and responded to in a respectful manner from a loving parent or caregiver. Helps infants sleep better and benefits their immune systems. Butte … [Read more...]