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Parenting Well: 8 Ingredients for a Happier, Healthier You

For parents, raising children is not a “What’s in it for me?” proposition. To the contrary, parenting entails more give than take for many years. Still, our children and our relationships flourish when we maintain our own recipe for wellness. Everyone benefits when we adopt a mindset and a lifestyle that enables us to give of ourselves wholeheartedly without feeling resentful or overwhelmed. Our relationship with ourselves influences the tone of our relationships with others. …

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Parenting Options: Suggestions for Reducing Worry, Stress and Anxiety

From infancy to adolescence, children witness and absorb how we, the adults, respond to life’s circumstances and to each other. Back when I was an inexperienced mom with a new baby, my oldest son would start to fuss whenever I anxiously tried to hurry us out of the house in order to get somewhere on time. I realized then, as I watched his reddening face pucker into a pout, how much my anxious mood impacted …

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