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Parenting Options: Suggestions for Reducing Worry, Stress and Anxiety

From infancy to adolescence, children witness and absorb how we, the adults, respond to life’s circumstances and to each other. Back when I was an inexperienced mom with a new baby, my oldest son would start to fuss whenever I anxiously tried to hurry us out of the house in order to get somewhere on time. I realized then, as I watched his reddening face pucker into a pout, how much my anxious mood impacted …

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The Neuroscience of Emotional Style: What it Means and Why it Matters

From siblings to parents and partners to coworkers, each one of us expresses a unique emotional signature–the individual collection of traits that characterize our personality. If given the choice, some parents might prefer to cozy-up with a good book on Saturday night, while others would rather dance the night away. One child might spend an entire afternoon constructing a Lego masterpiece while another flits from one enticing diversion to the next. From Myers-Briggs to the …

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