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What Messages Are You Sending? Learn How to Create More Peaceful, Loving Relationships Without Saying a Word

Raise your hand if you would prefer more peace and less conflict in your relationships and in your home. Wouldn’t life be easier if you could eliminate struggles over homework, chores, bedtime, food, clothes, curfews, or… (Fill in your own conflict of choice)? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for preventing meltdowns, getting along, or making your child do what you want. However, research tells us that compassionate and empathic parenting tends to foster emotional …

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Parenting Well: 8 Ingredients for a Happier, Healthier You

For parents, raising children is not a “What’s in it for me?” proposition. To the contrary, parenting entails more give than take for many years. Still, our children and our relationships flourish when we maintain our own recipe for wellness. Everyone benefits when we adopt a mindset and a lifestyle that enables us to give of ourselves wholeheartedly without feeling resentful or overwhelmed. Our relationship with ourselves influences the tone of our relationships with others. …

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Parenting Essentials: How to Influence Good Behavior while Enhancing Your Relationships

If you’re like me, you want to get along with your children and you want results. You want your children to behave appropriately, get good grades and have good social skills. What’s the magic formula? Whether you’re struggling to establish a successful bedtime routine for your antsy toddler or negotiating an acceptable curfew for your adventurous teen, focusing on the big picture can help. As social creatures, we all crave love, belonging and acceptance. Yet, …

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