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What Messages Are You Sending? Learn How to Create More Peaceful, Loving Relationships Without Saying a Word

Raise your hand if you would prefer more peace and less conflict in your relationships and in your home. Wouldn’t life be easier if you could eliminate struggles over homework, chores, bedtime, food, clothes, curfews, or… (Fill in your own conflict of choice)? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for preventing meltdowns, getting along, or making your child do what you want. However, research tells us that compassionate and empathic parenting tends to foster emotional …

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Loving Presence: The Most Valuable Gift a Parent Can Give

We all want to provide our children with the best possible circumstances in the hope that they will thrive and prosper. Yet we know from personal experience that there is no such thing as a perfect childhood and we can breath a collective sigh of relief when we admit that there is no such thing as perfect parenting. We cannot protect our children from the uncontrollable vagaries of life — illness, loss, disappointment, and hardship. …

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