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From Getting to Giving: Wouldn’t You Like to Raise Happy, Responsible Children Who Care?

I learned about Kelvin Doe, a remarkable 15-year old from Sierra Leone, on the Internet. A short film shows Kelvin converting broken electronic parts he scavenged from the trash into valuable items such as portable batteries for lights (intermittent electricity leaves his village without power much of the time.) He even fashioned a homemade generator to power an FM transmitter he built from local scraps. Broadcasting as “DJ Focus,” Kelvin uplifts and inspires his community …

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Patience and Balance: Summer Parenting Tips for Keeping the Peace and Learning to Thrive

I don’t know about you, but I’m always glad when summer finally arrives with the promise of wildflowers, fresh peaches, long days, and family adventures. Yet, with kids around the house, summer brings both joy and trepidation. After I’ve exhaled the initial sigh of relief that school is over, I start to ponder how I am not only going to survive, but actually thrive until the school bells ring again. For me, that involves forging …

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