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Parenting Essentials: How to Influence Good Behavior while Enhancing Your Relationships

If you’re like me, you want to get along with your children and you want results. You want your children to behave appropriately, get good grades and have good social skills. What’s the magic formula? Whether you’re struggling to establish a successful bedtime routine for your antsy toddler or negotiating an acceptable curfew for your adventurous teen, focusing on the big picture can help. As social creatures, we all crave love, belonging and acceptance. Yet, …

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The Neuroscience of Emotional Style: What it Means and Why it Matters

From siblings to parents and partners to coworkers, each one of us expresses a unique emotional signature–the individual collection of traits that characterize our personality. If given the choice, some parents might prefer to cozy-up with a good book on Saturday night, while others would rather dance the night away. One child might spend an entire afternoon constructing a Lego masterpiece while another flits from one enticing diversion to the next. From Myers-Briggs to the …

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