For the past 18 years Northstate Parent Magazine has supported children, parents, families, and communities in Northern California with information and opportunities.  Now, Northstate Parent is dedicated to supporting parents by sharing more insights, information and ideas through this online forum, our virtual village, so to speak. As parents, our greatest resource is the community of caring individuals and organizations that support our best effort in the most important job we have, raising healthy, happy, resilient, and successful children.

As a certified Parent and Family Effectiveness Trainer, and a parent myself, I will bring you up-to-date parenting research, inspiring stories, book reviews, interviews, health trends, and practical suggestions for applying the latest research to your unique situation since you are the best expert on your children and your family. Any parent with more than one child knows, that there is no “right way” to parent that’s best for all children, all developmental stages, or all family situations. However, there are universal principles that we can all benefit from. Knowing these options gives us the power to pick and choose what feels right for us and create healthy, loving relationships with our children.

Maybe you want a fresh perspective on a particular topic, or you want to know how to handle a new parenting stage, or maybe you just need an inspiration boost. You can check here to find out what’s new, connect with other parents, and explore different possibilities for you and your family. Like any journey that takes you into new territory, it helps to have a map and some cheery companions to share the trip. I hope you will find useful and inspiring information and ideas and be reminded that what you do as a parent, every day, really matters.

In order to put all of us conscientious parents at ease, I’d just like to remind everyone that we all make mistakes and there is no such thing as perfect parenting. In fact, what really counts is how we handle our mistakes and missteps. Recent studies suggest that what actually determines good parenting is how we handle ourselves: our emotions, our relationships, and our challenges. That’s why making sense of ourselves — how and why we do what we do — and deciphering our past is not selfish or indulgent, but can actually take us where we want to go: to be the happiest, most effective best self/parent/spouse etc we can be!

So, please join this community of curious, caring, and committed parents as often as you can and bring your experience and expertise. We’d love to hear from you!

“One thing I learned from watching chimpanzees with their infants is that having a child should be fun.”  Jane Goodall