Ten Fantastic Winter Playdates

We’ve reached the time of year where outside play requires approximately eighteen layers of clothing followed by the dreaded, “Mommy, I need to go potty.” Summer gives us beaches, pools, parks, and playgrounds to enjoy with friends. Winter gives us freezing temperatures, wind, and cold. Don’t let winter keep your family stuck at home; invite … [Read more...]

Waiting for Winter Skiing, Snowboarding & Hockey, Oh My!

The entire population of California is crossing its fingers for a precipitation-filled winter season. If the wishes of millions come true, skiers, snowboarders, and budding hockey players in Northern California should have a lot to smile about. Members of the Mount Shasta Ski and Snowboard Team will smile as they whiz down the slopes at Mount … [Read more...]

Ice Is Nice – Tips for Beginning Ice Skaters

There’s nothing quite like the experience of ice skating to cultivate smiles. Whether gliding on ice yourself or merely observing the experience of others, the laughter and spirit of skating is contagious. Ice skating is all-ages fun, and is truly a community experience, whether it’s happening on a frozen pond or lake, or at an ice rink. In the … [Read more...]

Enjoy Winter Sports in Mount Shasta’s Winter Wonderland!

The winter months are upon us and what better way to spend our free time than to get outside and exercise while enjoying winter recreational activities. The Mount Shasta area in southern Siskiyou County provides an ideal setting for families wanting a place to enjoy a variety of winter sports, whether ice skating to some favorite tunes at the ice … [Read more...]

Ready, Set, Read! Winter Classics For Family Reading Time

Holidays are great for family bonding. But after your twentieth game of Mario Kart, you may be wishing for quiet time. When that happens, why not unplug the gadgets and connect with your family through reading? Here are eight classic children’s books that celebrate the wonders of the season, plus easy, fun and educational activities your family … [Read more...]

A Fundraiser for the Siskiyou Ice Rink: Thinking Long Term

Originally born in rainy western Washington State, I never experienced much snow or the fun things that come with it, like skiing and ice skating. Luckily I have had family in Mount Shasta, so I enjoyed some snow fun once a year when visiting. When my mom and I moved to Mount Shasta in the summer of 2011, I could hardly wait to go ice skating, as … [Read more...]