A Heart For Giving

As a mother, I believe one of the most valuable gifts that I can give to my children is a heart for giving. In a society that places immense value on what a person can put into his own pocket, it seems necessary to set an example of what it looks like to give generously to others. One of my most treasured personal goals is to leave this world … [Read more...]

Empowering Children to Change the World (One Sock at a Time)

My daughter came to me from the foster care system when she was nine years old. Now that she is 12 and adopted, it's important to her that she help others. Last summer she told me she was so happy I didn't make her buy plain white socks for school. She said that's all she had as a foster child and it made her feel really different from the kids … [Read more...]

Serving Youth Makes Our Days Magical! How I Found Happiness By Doing Second Grade Over And Over Again.

Being a Foster Grandparent brings joy to my life every day. After retiring, I spent three years reading every book that sparked my fancy on the shelves of the Mt. Shasta Library. It was a wonderful time for this history major – I learned a lot about Winston Churchill and his American mom, and filled in all the gaps in my historical novel … [Read more...]

Not Just About Animals … 17 Great Things About 4-H

In my family, our search for different activities for our children led us to 4-H. We discovered the program offers much more than experiences in farming and raising animals, which is a common misconception. A national program for children, youth and teens, 4-H offers experiences in leadership, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), … [Read more...]

Bridging The Gap: Providing Clean Water for Millions

Humanitarian projects often sprout from a moment of inspiration then grow with commitment and lots of hard work. Bridging the Gap, founded by Shirley Adams of Chico, followed this pattern. Eight years ago, Shirley and her husband Grant traveled to Nepal and trekked to South Base Camp on Mt. Everest. During the trek, they crossed seven bridges. … [Read more...]

The Magic of Healing – Magician Bill Jackson Knows It’s Not a Trick

In 1986 Bill Jackson became one of California’s first Project Magic magicians. Founded and designed by famed illusionist David Copperfield, Project Magic is innovative and simple. Patients with various disabilities are taught magic tricks to increase self-esteem, aid healing, and improve dexterity, coordination and visual perception. “The real … [Read more...]

Helping Hands: Giving Back To Those Who Help Our Community This Holiday Season

North State Parent offers our annual Helping Hands holiday section to highlight extraordinary organizations who serve our North State community in meaningful  ways. These special organizations assist individuals and families (including animals) in meaningful ways. Read about each organization to learn how your family can help.  We hope you’ll … [Read more...]

Be the Change: Allie Boyer – A Passion For Primates

Most kids have a favorite type of animal. Some are dog people, some are cat people. Others are, well, orangutan people. By the age of 7, Chico teen Allie Boyer knew she had a passion for hairy red apes. In elementary school, Allie discovered that palm oil plantations and deforestation harmed orangutan habitats, and this spurred her passion for … [Read more...]

Soaring with Eagle Scouts

Commitment and dedication are traits that you might expect to find in an Eagle Scout, but Ron Zufall has taken those traits to another level with his 41-year relationship with Scouting. Starting as a Cub Scout, Zufall worked his way up the ranks; he earned his Eagle Scout badge from Anderson Troop 75 in 1980. An Eagle Scout is the highest rank … [Read more...]

Big Dreams Give Kids A Chance To Learn

A rooster crows. A cantor chants the Muslim call to prayer. Songs from a Christian church echo through the village. Morning has come to Kyebando, Uganda. Mothers wake children who quickly roll up their sleeping mats, dress for school, and begin their walk along rutted red dirt roads to the school compound. By 8:00 a.m., over 180 smiling faces … [Read more...]