Practice Makes Perfect

“Practice makes perfect” was the first thing my piano teacher ever told me. I started lessons in the first grade, mainly because my brother did. From the moment I played my first note, I was hooked. I listened to everything my teacher told me, except for that key phrase; I didn’t like to practice and I didn’t like to be nagged by my parents. I … [Read more...]

Payday & Tax Expectations For Teens

An excellent time to discuss taxes and withholdings with your teen is at the start of his or her employment when he is filling out a W-4 tax form. Instruct your teen to bring the form home rather than attempting to fill it out at work. This is a great time to explain each line item and go over the following information. If your teen has already … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Teen Jobs

There are arguments both for and against a teenager getting a job, especially when employment happens during the school year. Jobs can teach teenagers life-long work skills such as how to fill out an application, how to interview well, how to work responsibly and get along with co-workers and superiors, and can help develop excellent customer … [Read more...]

Teens, Depression and Nutrition: Assessment and Support

According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) approximately 1 in 5 youths ages 13 to 18 experience a severe mental disorder at some point during their lives. What we need to know as parents is that the signs for depression in children are not the same as in adults. The most critical symptom to look for is a change in mood and … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Journey: Teenage Depression

As a mother it is hard not to feel guilty when you realize your child is suffering. I remember wishing my first baby had come with a care manual, but between my sleep deprivation and his colic, I was just doing the best I could. Later, when my son Jonah became a teenager he sunk into a deep depression and again I felt helpless and somehow … [Read more...]

Money Wisdom: Growing Savvy Spenders

We have all heard the old adage, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” While most adults can attest to the truth in that saying, we can also take a lesson from nature when it comes to cultivating good money habits in our children. Planting the seed of financial savvy at a young age and nurturing it to maturity over time can yield budget-smart children who … [Read more...]

Ways To Combat Distracted Driving

We hear all the time about teens getting into car crashes because they were texting while driving. We’ve seen the heart-breaking public service announcements about a teen’s last text before dying in a crash. Teens get such a bad rap for texting and driving, yet I see so many adults who are driving while trying to dial a phone number, text, put on … [Read more...]

A to Zen for Teens: 26 Ways to Help Your Teen Find More Peace

Does your teen seem frazzled and stressed? Teens face stress from many directions, and so do their parents. We can all benefit from more calm; however, teens may not be able to see they need this. Although it is unlikely that any parent will get through the teen years without some conflict, we can help our teens reduce stress and find some peace in … [Read more...]

When Someone Believes, Possibilities Open: Solid as a Rock – Azad’s Martial Arts’ Rock Solid Teens Program

What does it take to make a significant change in one’s life, to go from struggle to a place of confidence? Farshad Azad believes it’s a combination of factors and requires change on all levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Change is the cornerstone of the Rock Solid Teens program, known as “RST,” at Azad’s Martial Arts Family … [Read more...]

Lou Wegner: Kids Against Animal Cruelty

18-year-old actor and activist Lou Wegner is the founder of the national movement Kids Against Animal Cruelty. He currently lives and works in Southern California. NSP: What you are most passionate about? LW: I am most passionate about spreading awareness to my generation to be pet-responsible. I was devastated to learn that 4 to 6 million … [Read more...]