Teen Scene: What is a memory that comes to mind when you think of summer?

Bostin Lakin, age 16. “I remember driving to the beach one time and I had these really good shrimp tacos.” [sws_divider_padding] Nick Cabrera, age 17. “I remember one time I locked my keys in my car while it was running.” [sws_divider_padding] Lundin Lakin, age 18. “I once went to Six Flags with my sister, Brooklin, and she fainted in line … [Read more...]

Teen Scene: What is your earliest favorite memory from childhood?

Leo Miedtank, age 16. “I have a memory of diving off a diving board into a lake and hitting my stomach when I was 6.” [sws_divider_padding] Chris Lujano, age 14. “My earliest favorite memory is of my 6th birthday, which all of my family came to.” [sws_divider_padding] Taylor Pearson, age 15. “Learning to ride my bike, when I was … [Read more...]

Teen Scene: What Is Your Favorite Room Or Place In Your House, And Why?

Keshav Kumar, age 16. “My favorite room in my house is my kitchen because I’m able to get food, water, and even sleep if necessary, and those are all the necessities of life.” [sws_divider_padding] Krystal Rubio, age 16. “My bedroom, because no one bothers me there and it’s quiet and peaceful.” [sws_divider_padding] Katherin Nani Kai … [Read more...]

Teen Scene: What do you do to stay healthy?

Chris Morzenti, age 15. “I run a lot every week, usually up to forty-five miles. I also go to the weight-room a few times a week.” [sws_divider_padding] Tommy Houston, age 15. “I eat healthy, do lots of sports, and I train on the sports’ off-seasons. I also like random recreation stuff, like swimming, biking and … [Read more...]

Teen Scene: What is your favorite word in the dictionary, and why?

Mackenzie Armstrong, age 17. “I like the word boutonnière, because you don’t say it the way you think you should based on the way it’s spelled.” [sws_divider_padding] Drew Miller, age 15. “Maleficent. It just sounds cool. It’s kind of evil, I guess. And it reminds me of the color green, for some reason.” [sws_divider_padding] Sean … [Read more...]