Bidwell Junior High’s KLEAN Team Keeping Second-Hand Smoke at a Distance

Activism can be presented in different ways, but is typically born from passion and tends to be contagious. For some 8th grade students at Bidwell Junior High, their passion is fueled by educating the public about the dangers of second-hand smoke. Over the last 4 years and in partnership with the California Health Collaborative and American Lung … [Read more...]

Stellar Charter School Relives History

Stellar Charter School in Redding presently educates 200 children, with a combination of on-site core classes and parent- and teacher-supervised instruction at home. Part of the school’s curriculum includes elective classes that go above and beyond the usual on-site book learning, including docent programs in science and history. Started 14 years … [Read more...]

A Special Time for Reading at Mt. Shasta Elementary School

Four years ago Mt. Shasta Elementary School started a noontime reading program, at the suggestion of its former principal Sally Gasaway. The program, implemented by school librarian Laurie Caldwell, is designed to give students an additional opportunity to improve their reading skills. During the program, students spend 10 to 15 minutes of … [Read more...]