Pregnant-zzzzz: Getting the Sleep You Need When You’re Expecting

Pregnant women are often told to “sleep now, while you can” – but sleeping during pregnancy is easier said than done. Just ask Emily Waggoner, who was surprised to find herself sleepless while pregnant with her daughter Sarah, now one year old. “Before pregnancy, I would get in bed, fall asleep easily and awaken eight hours later,” she says. That … [Read more...]

Eight Benefits of Doula Support During Labor

Labor and delivery is a lot like free-fall parachuting. You can take classes to prepare. You may file a detailed plan for the (blessed) event. Still, jumping into the action with only your partner’s support seems scary. Even experienced moms can benefit from a doula’s help. Here’s how: Benefit #1: Continuous Care Most moms agree: Labor and … [Read more...]

Drink Up! Water is Vital for Healthy Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant this summer, remember to drink plenty of water. While many pregnant women attend doctor appointments and avoid too much junk food, they may be forgetting this important habit. Pregnancy significantly increases the importance of drinking water throughout the day, for the health of both the expectant mother and her … [Read more...]

Lovenotes – Unique Prenatal Music Class Presented By The Children’s Choir Of Chico

Beginning in January 2012, The Children’s Choir of Chico will offer a new prenatal music class called Lovenotes™. Developed by Kodály Educator Sister Lorna Zemke, and designed to promote bonding and early exposure to music, the Monday evening classes will feature rhythmic exercises, the use of megaphones, and singing. “It’s my intention to create a … [Read more...]