Strings in Schools – Violin, Flute and Kindermusik in the North State

Violins come in eight sizes, the smallest size merely 14.5 inches in length from scroll to end button. This adorable instrument fits snugly into the arm span of very young musicians, those around the age of four or five. But who would put such a complex instrument in the hands of such a young child? We turn to Strings in Schools, a Suzuki music … [Read more...]

For the Love of Singing: Through the Musical Door

What’s a team activity that doesn’t occur on a court or field? Singing. Mt. Shasta Elementary School’s music program and the Children’s Choir of Chico, though two very different arenas, cultivate children’s love for singing, capitalizing on the many social, emotional and developmental benefits of singing in a group. Mt. Shasta Elementary School … [Read more...]

Practice Makes Perfect

“Practice makes perfect” was the first thing my piano teacher ever told me. I started lessons in the first grade, mainly because my brother did. From the moment I played my first note, I was hooked. I listened to everything my teacher told me, except for that key phrase; I didn’t like to practice and I didn’t like to be nagged by my parents. I … [Read more...]

Starting on the Right Note: Music lessons give children lifelong benefits

Recite the alphabet. Can you do it without mentally singing the tune you learned in preschool? The songs we learn as children influence how we think as adults, how we understand the world, and how we view ourselves. The North State offers many opportunities for children to take music lessons, actively producing some of the music that will not only … [Read more...]

Emily Kingsbury – 2016 Teen Music Contest Winner

We are happy to announce that Emily Kingsbury is the winner of a $400 gift certificate from The Music Connection for her winning essay on "How Practice Makes Perfect." Congratulations Emily!  Emily Kingsbury is an eighth grade student at Redding School of the Arts. She has been playing classical violin for nine years. “I feel very fortunate to be … [Read more...]

North State Parent 2015 Music Essay Contest Winner: Sean Bostrom

Sean Bostrom, age 16, started playing piano at age 8, and more recently started playing violin. He currently studies piano with Dustin Breshears, and violin with Carla Shryock at the Wright Keys Academy of Musical Arts in Chico. Sean attends Wm. Finch Charter School in Orland, and appreciates his music classes there with music teacher Brian … [Read more...]

Teenage Musicians: Win $400 In Music Store Prizes!

The Music Connection and North State Parent want to hear your story! 2015 Theme: Why is music important to our world? Why is it important to you? What experiences in music have helped you grow as a person? If you are between the ages of 13 and 17 and live in Upper California (Butte, Glenn, Shasta, Siskiyou and Tehama counties), send us a … [Read more...]

North State Symphony Special Children’s Concerts Include New “Little Ones Concert”

Bring your toddlers along to the theater when North State Symphony hosts a special concert just for preschoolers and kindergarteners this month, followed by the orchestra’s annual concert for older kids. The North State Symphony will perform the “Little Ones Concert” on Thursday, January 22, at the Cascade Theatre in Redding. The 30-minute … [Read more...]

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music: Chico Community Choirs to Perform in Salzburg, Vienna and Prague this Summer

Some of Chico’s best vocalists are heading for the hills – the Alps, that is – on an 11-day tour of Prague, Salzburg and Vienna this summer that will include performances in some of Europe’s most historic spots. More than 40 singers from three community ensembles will travel together July 1-11 in a mutigenerational touring choir directed by Susan … [Read more...]

Hai Ho! Hai Ho! It’s Off to Taiko We Go! – In Mt. Shasta: Taiko Classes for Youth

Taiko is an ancient Japanese style of drumming that, in the last half century, has undergone an evolution into an ensemble performing art. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have seen a taiko performance, you may already be hooked on the excitement, skill and team work exemplified. Julie Bennett has been a member of Northern California’s Shasta … [Read more...]