Entrepreneurial Moms: Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Home-Based Business

A home-based business gives moms the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. We can contribute to our family income and still be home with our children. Instead of making a choice that is black and white – work or stay home – some women have chosen to try out a world that is more colorful. Numerous women have considered starting a business at … [Read more...]

North State Mamapreneurs

We’re living in unprecedented times for all entrepreneurs as our global economy shifts. Though some may find these changes challenging, the economic opportunities for women, especially mothers, are becoming even more exciting. Never before have mothers had such opportunities to deepen their connections to their families while fulfilling their … [Read more...]

How Moms Can Succeed in Self-Employment and Self-Care

When you have a family, working from home or for yourself makes a lot of sense. A home-based or personal business may create the flexibility you want so you can tend to the many roles of domestic life. Keeping your business running while keeping your life in order can be a dream come true, but practically speaking may not be as easy as one … [Read more...]

One Mamapreneur’s Story Reflects A National Trend

“I wasn’t doing this for others – I was starting a business for me and my family.”  As the director of Jefferson Economic Development Institute (JEDI), I hear this often.  A local nonprofit organization based in Siskiyou County, JEDI is dedicated to improving the economic well-being of people and their communities by working with women and men … [Read more...]

Women Helping Women: Business Owners Find Value in Networking

In times of tragedy and opposition, like last month's devastating fire in Weed, members of Siskiyou County's two Women in Business Network (WIBN) chapters are there to encourage one another and help pick up the pieces. Support between members isn't reserved solely for times of hardship, said Lesa Michel, owner of The Gallery in Mount Shasta and … [Read more...]

Taking Care of Business: North State “Mamapreneurs”

We all know that women wear many hats.  As mothers, wives, grandmothers, single moms, stay-at-home moms and working moms, women are always on the go. They juggle a myriad of jobs, from trips to the store to buy poster board for a school project, to a lunch meeting with an important client. Yet what many women may not realize in the rush of the day … [Read more...]

Getting To Know Mamapreneurs

North State Parent’s second annual Getting To Know Mamapreneurs feature is meant to enlighten you about some terrifically impressive mamas in the Upper California region, by sharing a little about why they do what they do. “Networking and multitasking are not new to mothers, as they are often the ones who jump into high gear to get things done," … [Read more...]