Tutor Doctor in the North State: Ten Steps Toward Building Your Child’s Strong Academic Future

It’s that time of day again. The kids are home from school, backpacks bulging with assignments that seem too complicated, too lengthy or too boring to begin. Perhaps you’ve tried to motivate your son to no avail or attempted to help your daughter on assignments that frighten even you. It might be time to call Tutor Doctor. Across the world, … [Read more...]

Rare Air Trampoline Park: A North State Gem for Birthday Fun

Whether your child is a tiny tot or a teenager, Rare Air Trampoline Park is sure to turn your next birthday celebration into a hopping-good time. Owned by Ryan and Rachel Thomas, along with business partner Terry Smith, the park is a one-of-a-kind attraction between Sacramento and Oregon. The grand-opening of this North State gem in spring of 2015 … [Read more...]

Gratitude from a Successful Local Mom

Amy Lacey of Cali’flour Foods is grateful to her community, family and business team for exponential growth. Her success has allowed her to give back to causes she is passionate about. Amy says, “The company’s focus is to make an incredible, unexplainable difference. Our business growth has opened all kinds of doors for us. I am surrounded with … [Read more...]

Taxes for Success: Advice for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

When considering the venture of starting a business, people are often curious about the tax advantages and disadvantages. There are several options that business owners can take advantage of when considering their taxes. As a certified public accountant, I can offer some general advice for those who are currently operating businesses and for … [Read more...]

Empowering Women: North State Resources for Women

Good news for female entrepreneurs: according to Jefferson Economic Development Institute Executive Director Nancy Swift, “Women-owned and small businesses are the fastest-growing part of our country’s economy.” And even better news: You do not have to attempt to start or run a business alone. Through business development classes, workshops and … [Read more...]

Perfect Plank – From Father’s Business to Family Business

“Dad certainly had a sense of the right way to do things,” Jim Horne says. “He had the audacity to name his business ‘Perfect.’ I would have called it ‘Imperfect Plank’ – give a little room for human error! But his standards were very, very high. Over the past 50 years, we’ve done our best to follow those standards.” Jim’s father, Roy Horne, left … [Read more...]

A Great Opportunity for Hands-On Science Fun for Families

Beginning in January, ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum, home to more than 100 exhibits, is implementing their “$1 First Sundays” program to encourage more families to spend their free time learning and exploring at the hands-on museum. With themed weekends and ongoing fun year-round, that makes a family road trip to Ashland, Oregon – where the museum … [Read more...]

Woodstone Construction: An interview with April LaFrance, Chief Financial Officer

WoodStone Construction is a Redding-based general contracting company specializing in remodeling residential homes and customizing commercial spaces. We talked with April LaFrance, WoodStone’s chief financial officer, about the business: When did WoodStone begin and what was your main motivation for starting your business?  My husband Josh and I … [Read more...]

A New Twist on Horseback Riding: Orland Sisters Teach Equestrian Vaulting

Once a week, Amy Tomczak and her 13-year-old daughter, April, climb on the back of a trotting horse and do handstands, somersaults and leaps, "painting pictures" with their bodies and music. They're learning the sport of equestrian vaulting – best described as gymnastics performed on horseback – from sisters Megan and Kristin Grove, owners of … [Read more...]

Localicious: Valentine Honey for Your Sweetie

Few people can resist a little sweet something from someone special when Valentine’s Day arrives. The neat trick is to find something healthful in that treat. Honey’s wonderful flavor and health benefits can show that you not only care about someone, but you’re thinking of his or her health as well. Honey has a long reputation as a healthful … [Read more...]