Other Endings by Cody Lakin

Cody Lakin, 21, is the author of a recently published book called Other Endings, a fiction novel about a lonely, depressed man named Lester Halley who finds himself in a town full of ghosts, both literal and metaphorical. Lakin was raised in Mount Shasta, California, and now splits his time between there and Ashland, Oregon. “According to my … [Read more...]

Life Talks: A Guide to Bringing Back Conversation

I don’t know about you, but once the candles are blown out, the leftovers are safely in the fridge, and I have changed into sweat pants (the expandable type), I tend to experience a little Thanksgiving let-down. My belly is full, but often my soul is not. I become a little melancholy and wonder, “Is that all there is?” Or at least, I used to. … [Read more...]

Again! Again! How to Make Reading Irresistible for Preschool Boys

I want my son to love books – so I began reading to him when he was tiny. Despair descended when, at six months old, he was more interested in eating books than reading them. But I wiped off the drool and kept reading. My son loves books now. But my concern for boys’ language development persists. The National Center for Educational Statistics … [Read more...]

Curious Critters – Leaping, Flying, And Coming Your Way!

Reading a book with your child not only fosters literacy, but it also creates family memories that are treasured well into adulthood. We at North State Parent magazine are pleased to announce the arrival of a new book for you to share with your child. [SlidingTabs id='2162'] In his children’s picture book Curious Critters, to be released this … [Read more...]