Growing Up Fit – Family Fitness, Age by Age

Childhood may seem to move at a faster pace these days, but children don’t. New research from the American Heart Association shows that today’s children are slower and less fit than their parents were: modern kids take about 90 seconds longer to run a mile than their predecessors did 30 years ago, and children’s cardiovascular fitness has dropped 5 … [Read more...]

The Magic of Healing – Magician Bill Jackson Knows It’s Not a Trick

In 1986 Bill Jackson became one of California’s first Project Magic magicians. Founded and designed by famed illusionist David Copperfield, Project Magic is innovative and simple. Patients with various disabilities are taught magic tricks to increase self-esteem, aid healing, and improve dexterity, coordination and visual perception. “The real … [Read more...]

Living With The Unthinkable: Grieving The Loss Of A Child

Life usually unfolds in a natural order: birth, maturation, decline and death. We see this progression in plant and animal life and in the lives of humans … it’s what we expect. But life doesn’t always happen this way.  We plant a tree, and it may not reach maturity.  Accidents or illness take the lives of young family pets. And sometimes, parents … [Read more...]

The ABCs Of Grief – Helping Your Child Cope With The Loss Of A Pet

The day you and your family bring home your new pet, Fluffy, is truly exciting.  Whether it is a dog, cat or hamster, owning a pet can provide a valuable opportunity for your child to learn responsibility, care and patience. But what about when the inevitable happens, and Fluffy eventually dies?  Losing a pet can be a very traumatic event for … [Read more...]

Camp Okizu: More Than Just Fun And Games

Camp Okizu expands across 500 acres at Berry Creek, 70 miles north of Sacramento, and embraces thousands of children and families every year. Four lakes, sleeping cabins and shower facilities dot the landscape to meet the basic needs of its visitors. Opportunities to fish, swim and hike provide hours of fun and adventure for young and old. Upon … [Read more...]