An Alphabet of Birthday Celebrations – 26 Themes for Your Child’s Next Party

Struggling to come up with a fresh idea for your child’s next party? Bigger isn’t always better, and a party shouldn’t cut into your family’s college savings fund. Get creative, be inspired and make one or more of the following ideas your own. Abracadabra spells magic. Invite guests with a welcome letter to Hogwarts or break out the top hats and … [Read more...]

Celebration Makes a House Call – North State mobile party services bring the fun to you!

With warm weather upon us, we have officially entered the summer party season. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, company picnic, reunion, or you’ve found another reason to throw a fantastic shindig, here are a few extras that can take your party to the next level. Photo booths make lasting instant memories. Have you ever gotten into one of … [Read more...]

Birthdays With Pizzazz

Birthdays, and the festivities that go along with them, symbolize important rites of passage for both kids and adults. While the size, scope and theme of the celebrations may vary, the focus is always on fun. For busy parents,  it can be tricky to come up with new and different ideas that don’t require a lot of time and effort to put together … [Read more...]

The No-Gift Birthday Party

Chances are your kid will attend dozens of birthday parties over the course of the next few years. At even $10 a pop for a gift, that can really add up. Now think of all the gifts that come into your own home for birthdays and other holidays. Picture at least half of that stuff eventually going into a landfill or to charity. Talk about a bunch of … [Read more...]

Silly, Healthy Birthday Breakfast

Birthdays mean cake and ice cream, right? And maybe a piñata full of candy? Sometimes birthdays can mean one big sugar rush. To get the next birthday in your house off to a healthy start, try this creative concept that guarantees the day will start with a giggle and may even launch a new tradition in your house. Birthday Beginnings At our house … [Read more...]