Six Memoirs Kids Will Love

Memoir, a popular genre for adults, is less thought of for children. Yet good memoirs written for kids can hook young readers, especially reluctant ones, with stories about things that happened to other children at different times in history and different parts of the world. Life stories aimed at the younger set may be scarcer than those written … [Read more...]

Consider Summer Tutoring

School’s nearly out for summer. Are you thinking about ways to give your child an educational boost, or brainstorming ways to keep your child’s mental skills sharp? Tutoring can help strengthen learning in specific subjects and can help your child prepare for next year’s grade level. The following services can help keep learning fresh – and fun … [Read more...]

Hook A Bookworm This Summer

Summer vacation is a great time to show your children that reading can be a fun, special treat. Encourage their love of books by offering the following tantalizing activities and options. Set the Hook:  Create a Book Nook Just as book stores create enticing displays to draw you in, make a special “book nook” in your home and fill it with … [Read more...]

Learning Blossoms In School Gardens Throughout the North State

In recent years, school garden programs have become a widespread movement to bring education outdoors and promote hands-on learning for children. Through community collaboration, gardens are blooming on elementary campuses in every North State county. Dana Jordan is one of four volunteer coordinators at the Grant Elementary School garden in … [Read more...]

Working Memory And The Learning Brain: What It Is and Why It Matters

Working with a child as he learns a new skill can be a rewarding experience for a parent or teacher. It can also be one filled with unexpected challenges, requiring every ounce of patience and creativity. Sometimes, we need to step back and ask, “What is causing this unexpected struggle? Why are my directions and guidance not leading him to … [Read more...]

Common Core: North State Kids to Bring Their Computer Savvy on Test Day

This spring, North State students will have to bring some computer savvy along with a sharpened pencil to school on test day, when millions of California’s kids sit down for the first Smarter Balanced Assessments that will provide a glimpse of how implementation of the Common Core State Standards is faring in the classrooms. Students took field … [Read more...]

Simple Science Experiments: Homemade Icicles

Winter is upon us and with it some freezing weather. Well, that depends on where you are. Some kids rarely have a chance to see some snow or the iconic icicles. This month’s simple science experiment will have your child creating homemade icicles. While it won’t be the actual way icicles form (the process more closely resembles how stalactites … [Read more...]

Afterschool Opportunity: Build It Redding Offers Creative Fun with Technology

Faye Hall knew her daughter and son, now 12 and 13 years old, were bright and curious. Yet she noticed they weren’t learning some things well in school due to the format in which they were being taught. And since neither child was interested in sports, their choices for extra-curricular activities were limited. So when Faye and her family moved to … [Read more...]

Character Development Through Music – Dealing with Failure and Frustration, and the Keys to Success

In 2011, The New York Times magazine's educational supplement published an article called "What if the Secret to Success is Failure." It's about character education, and how learning to deal with frustration and failure can help create success later in a child's life. The article didn't mention music once, but it should have. Throughout the … [Read more...]

Simple Science Experiments: Pouring Water Down a String

Sometimes you just have to pour water from one container into another, simply by using a string. Well, maybe not, but this is a cool experiment that makes you wonder why water is able to do what it does so well. Materials:  Two cups/glasses, some water, and some absorbent cotton twine/string (needs to be thicker than thread). Follow-up … [Read more...]