Experiential Learning: The Montessori Method in the North State

Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian scientist, physician and educator in the early 1900’s. Her philosophy considers children as individuals with unique gifts to be unfolded rather than as blank slates. Her revolutionary ideas changed the way children, schools and education were viewed in many parts of the world. The Montessori Method allows … [Read more...]

Seeds Of School Success: Nurturing The Parent-Teacher Relationship  

Kids are notoriously reticent when it comes to divulging details of their school lives. Questions from parents often receive a single-word response … or a shrug. The first indication of a problem may come via an unexpected note from the teacher. Want better insight into classroom dynamics? There’s a solution: Get to know your child’s teacher. … [Read more...]

Simple Science Experiments: Simply Shocking!

Are you ready for a challenge? Create a mixture of salt and pepper - your task will be to separate them again! How can you do it? Mix the two together, spread the mixture out on a plate and give it a try. Maybe you can come up with a cool technique for getting the salt and pepper apart, but did you know you can use static electricity to do it … [Read more...]

Science Fair Projects: Tackling the Challenge of Choosing a Good Research Question

If you are a student, you may have discovered that one of the most challenging parts of the science fair process is choosing a researchable topic that is both relevant and interesting to you, and you may need some help with formulating a good research question about your topic. There are two main branches in science fairs: one is engineering, … [Read more...]

Small Schools Offer Big Benefits

Bigger isn't always better. With less than 100 students enrolled at their comfortably sized campuses, Bend Elementary School and Monarch Learning Center are proving that smaller schools are, in fact, pretty special. Unlike larger schools, where students might be just another face in the hallway, at Monarch and Bend, teachers are able to greet … [Read more...]

Tehama County Makerspace: A Sanctuary For Tech-Minded Children

Like most seniors, Red Bluff High School student Ericka Nabarrete, 17, had been pondering her future after graduation. With a passion for arts, she had little hope that she could craft a career out of her talent for drawing. It wasn’t until a good friend suggested exploring Makerspace that she began to discover her talents in graphic design, … [Read more...]

25 Ways to Help Your Child Do Better in Math

Get a jumpstart on the new school year by thinking about ways to help your child incorporate math skills into their daily lives. These tips will help build a positive outlook about math by showing them math can be interesting and fun! Use measuring and fraction skills when you bake or cook with your child. At the grocery store, have your … [Read more...]

Simple Science Experiments: Homemade Lava Lamp

Liquid motion lamps, more commonly known as Lava lamps, are cool things to stare at for hours. Learn to make a simple version (without the cool lights) and learn about the science behind this model as well as the original lamps invented in 1963.  Materials: An empty glass bottle (preferably one with a wide mouth for dropping something into it), … [Read more...]

Annual Homeschooling Conference is a Memorable, Fun & Educational Experience!

August 6-9, 2015, at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, CA. So much more than just a conference – The Homeschool Association of California’s annual “HSC Conference” is a celebration, a party, and a statewide gathering of homeschoolers and their families for learning, friendship, support and fun! Featuring some of the best known speakers in the … [Read more...]

Is Your Child Ready For School? Are You?

Anticipation builds as the new school year approaches. Every year my kids become antsy as the stores fill up with new backpacks, fun and colorful accessories, and the latest in locker items and school supplies. And even though I am not ready to begin the process of letting summer with my kids slip through my fingers, I grudgingly give in and get to … [Read more...]