Under the Flags of Gratitude: Sherwood Montessori fosters thankfulness with a Festival of Gratitude

Sherwood Montessori is kicking off November with an autumn festival on November 3. From after school to sundown, students and their families will play carnival games, run relays, enjoy a potluck dinner of hearty autumnal soups and chilis and make fall-themed crafts such as pinecone bird feeders. Donn Thomson, a local square dance caller, will set … [Read more...]

What I Thought I Knew vs. What I Know About Raising Adopted Kids

With consistent limitlessness, I love all my children the same, born to me and adopted by me. Then again, if I'm honest, that's not totally true. I love my adopted kids "more," because more is required. My adopted children arrived with invisible, overflowing suitcases of tough stuff - issues inherent to adoption - spilling over into our daily … [Read more...]

This Season’s Harvest Happenings

Bright orange pumpkins as far as you can see!—the earthy smell, the rustling vines—choosing one’s own best pumpkin from a pumpkin patch is a rich experience for a child. For youngsters who aren’t aware of the food and farm connection, such a sensory experience really brings that home. Meeting the farmers can also be memorable; they may offer a … [Read more...]

Shasta Clayworks – Renee Wendy Helps Families Turn ‘Mud’ Into Memories

Renee Wendy’s romance with pottery began with chemistry. “The Merrill Pottery Co-Op at UC Santa Cruz studio needed someone who could mix glazes,” she recalls, “and I’m a chemist, so I offered to make glazes and manage the studio in exchange for a membership.” Such proximity to pottery could only lead Renee to take up the craft herself. In 2011, … [Read more...]

The Women’s Fund: Mobilizing Women in the Redding, CA Area Through Strategic Philanthropy

Hatched in 2009 during the depths of the nationwide financial crisis, The Women’s Fund of Redding probably should have failed. After all, how could a philanthropic organization take flight when everyone felt that their financial wings had been clipped? Yet even during economic hardship, men and women of Shasta County rose with the vision to … [Read more...]

The Juggle is Real – Tips, Stories and Resources to Encourage Moms How to Start and Grow a Business

To be both a mother and a successful business owner is a dream of many women and a reality for a few. Is it possible to have a functional, loving family and a fulfilling, profitable business? Yes, with realistic expectations. We need patience and the ability to juggle to be efficient and smart about our time and our resources.  The good news is … [Read more...]

Managing Yourself in Time

One of my mentors, Bill Truby, taught me the following: “We don’t need to learn time management because we simply can’t manage time.”  He said, “The reality is that there are 24 hours in a day. But what we can manage is ourselves in time.” I’m all for personal empowerment. Take charge of your life, do what you intend and achieve your highest … [Read more...]

In Motion Fitness Embarks on Chico’s Most Ambitious Mural Art Project Ever

In Motion Fitness, a high profile local fitness center in Chico, California, is midway through what will ultimately be the largest outdoor mural art project in Chico history. The larger-than-life murals have a “Mediterranean village” feel and provide a backdrop to the club’s new one-of-a kind Outdoor Fitness Park and Running Track. Chris … [Read more...]

Fun Educational Websites You Won’t Want Your Kids to Miss: Websites That Take the Work Out of Learning

Limiting the time kids spend on the computer in this digital era can be a daunting task. But there are plenty of fun educational sites kids will love that make learning a blast. Animals Abound At National Geographic for Kids, travel to faraway states and countries to discover all kinds of critters and cool places. In addition to freaky creatures, … [Read more...]

Pediatrician Q&A with Dr. Zeke (Ezekiel Melquist, MD)

Q: As back-to-school time approaches, many parents dread the first month or so, as many kids get sick in those first few weeks. Why does that happen? A: Each child has an ecosystem of bacteria that differs slightly from other kids. They also have unique antibodies to all the bacteria and viruses that they have encountered throughout their … [Read more...]