Cue Your Child to Try Drama – The Benefits May Surprise and Delight You Both

If you have a child who loves to sing and dance or wear costumes, a child with a flair for the dramatic, then looking for a drama experience either at school or in your community may be at the top of your mind when planning the family activity schedule. But if your child is a bit of a wallflower or even if your child has some learning challenges, … [Read more...]

Curiouser and Curiouser: Butte County Children Perform in Alice In Wonderland Jr.

Imagine yourself in a place beyond your wildest dreams, where a bite of cake or a sip of drink can make you grow or shrink, and mysterious talking Cheshire cats disappear before your eyes. Chico Performances and the Blue Room Young Company invite you to join them on an adventure to Wonderland with Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and March … [Read more...]

Art! It’s Fun & Fundamental – Three North State Studios Offer Arts Classes for Healthier, Happier People.

Many people appreciate the enjoyment received from creating art, but probably few understand its benefits to health and happiness. Making art teaches appropriate ways to problem solve and deal with stress, and how to process emotions and embrace challenges. Blue Giraffe Studios Even those who are intimidated or uninterested in visual arts can … [Read more...]

How Does a Small Town & Small School Make Room for Music Education?

McCloud is a small rural town on the southern slope of Mount Shasta. It’s also an exemplary model of promoting arts in education – each year the town proves that communities and educators can work together to keep music alive in public schools. McCloud Elementary School, in collaboration with arts non-profit Young Imaginations, provides music … [Read more...]

Where Adventure, Dreams, and Inspiration Begin – Raven and the Unicorn Children’s Theater

The Raven and the Unicorn Children’s Theater is a proposed 800-seat theater designed specifically for child-centered performing arts programs and educational opportunities. The theater will be the only Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum-level certified children’s theater in the world, demonstrating environmentally … [Read more...]

A Life of Dance – Debi Larsen And The Redding Dance Centre

The North State is home to a variety of businesses and organizations that promote the arts and is privileged that these include the remarkable talents of artists such as Deborah (Debi) Larsen, owner and director of Redding Dance Centre. Debi’s career includes performance, choreography, teaching, directing and production. She received her dance … [Read more...]

Live Performances: Opportunities For Family Bonding

My daughter moved into a dorm this last August. She was my youngest, my baby. I’m not quite sure where the years went, but they sure flew by. When I think about her growing up, it isn’t the daily reminders to do her homework or to pick up her dirty laundry that I recall. Nor is it the times we spent together sitting side by side watching TV, or … [Read more...]

Give Dance A Chance: 21 Reasons To Try Consistent Classes

Don’t be fooled by glittery costumes and false eyelashes – competitive dancers are athletes who deserve to be taken just as seriously as participants in any other sport. Dance at any level offers multiple benefits and can teach practical skills that carry over into everyday life. According to the National Registry of Dance Educators, dance … [Read more...]

In Love With Texture & Tiles

Artist Colleen Barry’s house looks like no other on the block. Light blue with globe-sized mosaic finials resting atop a matching cobalt blue wrought iron gate, its design is whimsical, subtly beckoning to the curious, “Come, take a look inside!” Barry's art has been exhibited at galleries and museums nationwide, including the Smithsonian, and … [Read more...]

Keeping the Arts Alive in Your Child’s School – How Some Schools are Beating the Budget Crisis

Research studies have shown that a strong school arts program increases a student’s self-esteem and creativity, and fosters a lifelong love of learning. But during tough economic times, it’s usually arts programs that are first to be cut. Learn how three North State schools, Redding School of the Arts, Chico Country Day School, and McCloud … [Read more...]