Wendy Lawrence

Wendy Lawrence

Wendy Lawrence is a former teacher and middle school principal, she blogs about parenting and children’s books at The Family That Reads Together.

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    Is Your Child A Procrastinator?

    I remember the night I thought procrastination was going to kill me. I remember the year (seventh grade), the course, the teacher, and the Native American nation I was supposed to research. (Technically, the nation I was supposed to have already researched, which was the problem.) My parents were less than thrilled when I mentioned, panicked, … [Read more...]

    Encouraging Girls In Math & Science

    While working at a science museum, I once observed a mother, toting a daughter past exhibits on dinosaurs, oceans and machines, approach an employee. “Where is the stuff for girls?” she asked. It’s a question that would ruffle the feathers of any female archaeologist, marine biologist or engineer. But it’s also a question deeply rooted in our … [Read more...]