Victoria Tyra

Victoria Tyra

Author Victoria Tyra is a Certified Barton Reading Tutor with an office in Redding, CA. She specializes in teaching reading and spelling to school-aged children with her golden retriever, Ella.

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    Working Memory And The Learning Brain: What It Is and Why It Matters

    Working with a child as he learns a new skill can be a rewarding experience for a parent or teacher. It can also be one filled with unexpected challenges, requiring every ounce of patience and creativity. Sometimes, we need to step back and ask, “What is causing this unexpected struggle? Why are my directions and guidance not leading him to … [Read more...]

    Understanding Dyslexia

    Sitting with a small group of second graders, listening as each took a turn reading aloud, it struck me how reading came so easily for some and with such difficulty for others. When it was John’s turn, his reading was slow and filled with guesses based on the context or shape of the word. Breaking apart sounds in unknown words was a huge … [Read more...]