Tom Chandler

Tom Chandler

Tom Chandler lives in Mt. Shasta with his wife, and remains under the total and absolute control of his two daughters. He writes and consults for a living and wonders where his spare time went.

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    Localicious: Two North State Companies Make Pizza Healthy

    To get our kids to eat enough vegetables, many of us become the parental equivalent of covert operatives; we find ourselves hiding veggies in food the way cold-war spies hid microfilm in luggage. Cauliflower, for example. This underappreciated vegetable is loaded with Vitamin C and low in carbohydrates and calories, yet it is a hard sell to kids. … [Read more...]

    Voyage From Ethiopia: A Dad’s Perspective on International Adoption

    International adoption is a frustrating, difficult and expensive process, and yet I’m here to recommend it. And for two very good reasons. My daughters. While international adoption made my family possible, I’m not blind to its challenges. It’s neither simple nor inexpensive; you’re dealing with two governments, multiple bureaucracies within … [Read more...]