Sue LeBreton

Sue LeBreton

Sue LeBreton is a health and wellness writer. Her son started drama in preschool on the advice of his autism doctor and it has been a boon to his self- esteem. She won’t be surprised if he has his own talk show one day.

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    Dietary Lessons From Diabetes For All Of Us

    My 14-year-old son has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for seven years. Diabetes is a challenging disease to manage and I have come to respect it as an adversary. We monitor him 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We prick his fingers numerous times each day to check the level of glucose (sugar) in his blood. We accept that no matter how diligent … [Read more...]

    Choose The Best Love Language For Father’s Day

    How can you ensure that your Father’s Day efforts hit the mark? First, think about how the father figure in your life demonstrates his love for others. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, a marriage counselor and author of The 5 Love Languages, all of us have a primary way of expressing and interpreting love. They are: (1) words of affirmation, (2) … [Read more...]

    A to Zen for Teens: 26 Ways to Help Your Teen Find More Peace

    Does your teen seem frazzled and stressed? Teens face stress from many directions, and so do their parents. We can all benefit from more calm; however, teens may not be able to see they need this. Although it is unlikely that any parent will get through the teen years without some conflict, we can help our teens reduce stress and find some peace in … [Read more...]

    Cue Your Child to Try Drama – The Benefits May Surprise and Delight You Both

    If you have a child who loves to sing and dance or wear costumes, a child with a flair for the dramatic, then looking for a drama experience either at school or in your community may be at the top of your mind when planning the family activity schedule. But if your child is a bit of a wallflower or even if your child has some learning challenges, … [Read more...]