Steve Davala

Steve Davala

Steve Davala is a high school chemistry and physics teacher who likes to write and work with Photoshop. He’s got two kids of his own and subjects them to these science activities as guinea pigs.

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    Simple Science Experiments: Simply Shocking!

    Are you ready for a challenge? Create a mixture of salt and pepper - your task will be to separate them again! How can you do it? Mix the two together, spread the mixture out on a plate and give it a try. Maybe you can come up with a cool technique for getting the salt and pepper apart, but did you know you can use static electricity to do it … [Read more...]

    Science Fair Projects: Tackling the Challenge of Choosing a Good Research Question

    If you are a student, you may have discovered that one of the most challenging parts of the science fair process is choosing a researchable topic that is both relevant and interesting to you, and you may need some help with formulating a good research question about your topic. There are two main branches in science fairs: one is engineering, … [Read more...]

    Simple Science Experiments: Slime Time

    It’s almost time for Halloween, and here is an experiment that is as creepy as it is cool. Of course, it will also help your child become a good thinker. But you don’t have to tell your child that.    Science is all about making observations and figuring out how things work. Simple, hands-on experiments that begin with “What do you think will … [Read more...]

    Simple Science Experiments: Homemade Lava Lamp

    Liquid motion lamps, more commonly known as Lava lamps, are cool things to stare at for hours. Learn to make a simple version (without the cool lights) and learn about the science behind this model as well as the original lamps invented in 1963.  Materials: An empty glass bottle (preferably one with a wide mouth for dropping something into it), … [Read more...]

    Simple Science Experiments: Homemade Icicles

    Winter is upon us and with it some freezing weather. Well, that depends on where you are. Some kids rarely have a chance to see some snow or the iconic icicles. This month’s simple science experiment will have your child creating homemade icicles. While it won’t be the actual way icicles form (the process more closely resembles how stalactites … [Read more...]

    Simple Science Experiments: Pouring Water Down a String

    Sometimes you just have to pour water from one container into another, simply by using a string. Well, maybe not, but this is a cool experiment that makes you wonder why water is able to do what it does so well. Materials:  Two cups/glasses, some water, and some absorbent cotton twine/string (needs to be thicker than thread). Follow-up … [Read more...]