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Sharyn Fields

Author Sharyn Fields is a mom and blogger whose passion is uncovering the joy and humor in every heart she meets.

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    All Dressed up and Making Magic

    My father’s hands were chapped and rough, knuckles all scraped and bruised, just as they always were. They were the hands of a diesel mechanic, one of them clasping my gloved palm; my own hands wearing my first pair of gloves with a lovely little pearl snap at the wrist. He smelled of Old Spice and a spearmint Lifesaver, a pleased-with-himself … [Read more...]

    Neighborhood Block Parties: Meeting in the Middle of the Road

    Today’s world, where we are afforded every modern convenience and all the trappings of technology to stay connected, is usually anything but conducive to building real relationships with the people who live around us.  Social media allows us to know all sorts of things about others, but can also keep us from actually walking out the door and truly … [Read more...]

    The Kitchen: The Soul of the Home

    I’ve often heard it said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. I disagree. I think that the kitchen is the soul of a family.  It’s a place where mundane routines and daily chores are stirred together with the funny little irritants and sweet nothings that all families possess. The kitchen can hold a moment in time where the walls of the day … [Read more...]