Sharon Nolfi

Sharon Nolfi

Writer Sharon Nolfi, M.A., is a mom impatiently waiting for grandchildren. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she worked for eight years as a school psychologist and is also an attorney.

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    How To Talk To A Teacher

    A meeting between you and your child’s teacher can be a powerful tool for helping your child succeed in school. Whether scheduled by the school, requested by you, or suggested by the teacher, such a meeting gives you a platform to learn about your child and to assert her needs. Follow these nine guidelines for more productive (and even enjoyable) … [Read more...]

    Grandparents Day and Beyond: Honoring The Special Relationship Between Grandparent and Child

    Families with living grandparents are especially blessed. Each grandparent fills a unique role in a child’s development, providing both love and a window into family history. To honor the elders in your family this Grandparents Day, September 9, and all through the year, try these suggestions to help build and maintain these special … [Read more...]