Rachael Moshman

Rachael Moshman

Rachael Moshman holds a master’s in education with an emphasis in special needs. She is a mom and writer, and has advocated for children and families for two decades.

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    5 Things to Know About Parents of Children with Special Needs

    My husband and I adopted our daughter when she was 9 years old. She has a long list of mental health diagnoses. We quickly discovered that parenting a special needs child results in the whole family having a special set of needs. As I’ve interacted with other parents of children with special needs, I’ve noticed that there are some factors that most … [Read more...]

    When the Laundry Escaped:  Why My Daughter’s Messy Room Is Unimportant

    My darling daughter has a really hard time picking up after herself. She’ll pleasantly spend hours cleaning and organizing the kitchen, including “polishing” the stainless steel garbage can, but can’t tackle her own spaces in the same way. She joined our family at nine years old when we adopted her from the foster care system. She had suffered … [Read more...]

    Empowering Children to Change the World (One Sock at a Time)

    My daughter came to me from the foster care system when she was nine years old. Now that she is 12 and adopted, it's important to her that she help others. Last summer she told me she was so happy I didn't make her buy plain white socks for school. She said that's all she had as a foster child and it made her feel really different from the kids … [Read more...]

    Nine Lessons Gymnastics Teaches Children

    Most communities have a long list of recreational options available for children. You can sign your little one up for activities & classes including ballet, visual arts, karate, soccer, gymnastics, fencing and piano … the full spectrum of options are many and varied. Each activity offers a unique set of benefits, including the development of … [Read more...]

    Tips For Easing The New-School Jitters

    I remember lying awake for hours the night before the first day of school each fall. So many questions were swirling around my brain. What did the year have in store for me?  Would my teacher be nice?  Would I make friends?  Would I be bullied?  Was my outfit okay?  Could I handle the work?  My anxiety was even higher in years when I was starting a … [Read more...]