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Pamela Llano

Pamela Jorrick is a northern California writer and homeschooling parent.

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    Experiential Learning: The Montessori Method in the North State

    Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian scientist, physician and educator in the early 1900’s. Her philosophy considers children as individuals with unique gifts to be unfolded rather than as blank slates. Her revolutionary ideas changed the way children, schools and education were viewed in many parts of the world. The Montessori Method allows … [Read more...]

    Holiday Gift Shopping – Two Local Toy Stores Bring Back The Fun

    Toys and the holiday season go hand in hand, but trying to find the right gift in a crowded mega store or on the vast expanses of the Internet is a task that some people may find to be more overwhelming than jolly. Fortunately for shoppers, the North State is home to two locally owned stores that exclusively sell toys., … [Read more...]

    Learning Blossoms In School Gardens Throughout the North State

    In recent years, school garden programs have become a widespread movement to bring education outdoors and promote hands-on learning for children. Through community collaboration, gardens are blooming on elementary campuses in every North State county. Dana Jordan is one of four volunteer coordinators at the Grant Elementary School garden in … [Read more...]

    Bringing the World Home: North State Families Host Foreign Exchange Students

    In an evermore connected world, opportunities to learn about other cultures are as easy as pushing a button. Yet none can quite compare with real, one-on-one experiences. Some North State families have found an in-person opportunity to bring the world into their own homes by hosting a foreign exchange student. Jessica French is the regional … [Read more...]

    Birthdays With Pizzazz

    Birthdays, and the festivities that go along with them, symbolize important rites of passage for both kids and adults. While the size, scope and theme of the celebrations may vary, the focus is always on fun. For busy parents,  it can be tricky to come up with new and different ideas that don’t require a lot of time and effort to put together … [Read more...]

    Soaring with Eagle Scouts

    Commitment and dedication are traits that you might expect to find in an Eagle Scout, but Ron Zufall has taken those traits to another level with his 41-year relationship with Scouting. Starting as a Cub Scout, Zufall worked his way up the ranks; he earned his Eagle Scout badge from Anderson Troop 75 in 1980. An Eagle Scout is the highest rank … [Read more...]

    Blazing Saddles – Mountain Bike Race Series Combines Family Fun & Outdoor Adventure

    It started with a vision. Therese McCoy loved mountain biking and wanted to bring riders together for a series of races. When she approached her friend Tracy Evans with the idea, the response was immediately positive. Both women are committed to a lifestyle of exercise and adventure in the great outdoors, and with support from friends and … [Read more...]

    On Pins And Needles – The Benefits Of Acupuncture

    For a woman who admits being extremely afraid of needles, Patti Furnari is a huge fan of acupuncture. Having dealt with the debilitating pain of migraines for over 25 years, Furnari was open to just about anything that would ease the suffering. Triggered by stress and hormones, Furnari’s migraines made ordinary life, not to mention her job as … [Read more...]

    Real-World Learning – Homeschooling Families Combine Life & Education

    Most parents agree that a good education is an important foundation for their child’s future success. The way children learn however, can be as varied as the children themselves. While traditional classrooms and textbooks are one method, many young people throughout the North State are exploring ways of learning through real-world … [Read more...]

    Two Kids and a Tent

    I’ve been asked more than once what would inspire me as a mother to travel more than 4000 miles across seven states and spend weeks sleeping in a tent with my two children as my only vacation companions. The answer can be summed up in one word: dreams. As parents we all want our children to have big dreams, but sometimes, those dreams seem … [Read more...]