Pam Molnar

Pam Molnar

Pam Molnar is a small business owner. She has launched several successful businesses while staying home with her three children.

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    Guidebook To The Past: How To Research Your Family Tree

    Do you ever wonder what life was like for your ancestors? Where did they come from? How did they live? Did their choices have an impact on how you live today? Genealogy, or the exploration of your family history, is a pastime for people who want to make that connection to the generations before them. The hobby that was once associated with retirees … [Read more...]

    Creative Back-To-School Traditions To Start This Year

    The years seem to pick up speed as your child gets older. One minute he’s getting on the bus for kindergarten, and in the blink of an eye he’s walking across the stage at his high school graduation. Don’t let the years go by in a blur – create new-school-year traditions your family will look forward to every year.  Here are a dozen ideas that could … [Read more...]

    Entrepreneurial Moms: Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Home-Based Business

    A home-based business gives moms the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. We can contribute to our family income and still be home with our children. Instead of making a choice that is black and white – work or stay home – some women have chosen to try out a world that is more colorful. Numerous women have considered starting a business at … [Read more...]