Meagan Ruffing

Meagan Ruffing

Meagan Ruffing loves being a mom to her three kiddos Dylan, Hannah and Elinor but looks forward to finding more ways to reclaim her pre-mom self. She enjoys rocking out to Jewel in her minivan while waiting in the car line to pick up her kids from school.

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    Simple Gifts for Sensory Fun

    During this holiday season, consider the simpler things in life – remember how fun it is to play with basic blocks or to squeeze and squish dough. Holiday gifts don’t have to be expensive to give hours and hours of sensory fun. Using measuring cups and funnels to play with rice, or just enjoying simple hide-and-seek activities can hold a child’s … [Read more...]

    Getting Back to Me: Six Ways to Reclaim Your Pre-Mom Self

    It’s easy to lose ourselves after having kids. The dreams we once had are forgotten and the inner drive to be our personal best can get put on the back burner as priorities change. However our lives change when kids enter the scene, our core is still the same. We are still those same people who like to scrapbook, go for a run, and eat ice cream. … [Read more...]

    How To Prevent “Swimmer’s Ear”

    Heading to the beach this summer? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 2.4 million visits to healthcare centers are because of swimmer’s ear. Also known as Otitis Externa, swimmer’s ear can be painful and bothersome  – especially to children. Dr. Gabriel H. Ruffing specializes in audiology, and suggests the following three … [Read more...]