Mj Callaway

Mj Callaway

Mj Callaway is a single mom of two. She is author of multiple books including The Frantic Woman's Guide to Life.

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    We’re Off To The Theatre

    Experiencing the arts with young children in a theater setting will be much more enjoyable if you take some time to prepare beforehand. These simple tips will help make the performance a pleasurable time for everyone. Choose a program with an age-appropriate performance time. Productions that are geared for children tend to be shorter to … [Read more...]

    Tips for Kids’ Parties – Less Stress, More Fun!

    Your child’s birthday is just around the corner and you promised a party. With all your day-to-day commitments, you may be wondering where to begin. These tips can help pave the way to a successful celebration: Choose an enjoyable location. A “destination” party will save wear and tear on your home. Is there a local park or exploration museum near … [Read more...]

    Improve the Heart of the Home

    As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the busiest place in the house. With Americans spending more than half of their time in the kitchen, this room needs to shout “Welcome!” If your kitchen needs some TLC, here are five reasonable ways to improve the heart of the home without breaking your budget. Brighten up the kitchen with a fresh … [Read more...]

    The Benefits of Elder Respect

    In today’s world, respect of one’s elders is an important life skill that seems to be falling by the wayside. We see this in the way children talk to their parents and in the way they interact with their teachers. Unfortunately, several negative problems occur when the generational boundaries between child and elder are missing due to lack of … [Read more...]