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    Growing Up Fit – Family Fitness, Age by Age

    Childhood may seem to move at a faster pace these days, but children don’t. New research from the American Heart Association shows that today’s children are slower and less fit than their parents were: modern kids take about 90 seconds longer to run a mile than their predecessors did 30 years ago, and children’s cardiovascular fitness has dropped 5 … [Read more...]

    Party DIY: Four Unique, Budget-friendly Home Birthday Party Themes

    Planning a birthday party? Better save those pennies. According to event services firm GigMasters, over two-thirds of parents spend at least $300 on their child’s big day, and nearly one in six spend a grand or more. But you don’t need to raid your kids’ college fund to plan a festive, photo-worthy fete. These four ideas for DIY home parties max … [Read more...]

    Hush, Little Mama (and Papa): Myths and Truths About Sleep After Baby

    When you’re sporting a baby bump or holding a brand-new bundle, sleep advice abounds. Good advice? Not so much. Tips are lobbed at new parents with such force that it can be hard to sort fact from fiction – but getting to the bottom of these tall tales means better rest, less worry and more savvy parenting. Myth: You’ll never sleep again. … [Read more...]

    Serving Up Sleep – Nutrients That Support Healthy Rest

    Between midnight feedings, bad dreams, and bouts with the flu, most parents are well acquainted with the wee hours. Familiar, too, is the groggy haze that lingers the morning after an all-nighter. When adults miss sleep, it’s hard to hide. We gulp coffee, yawn, and yearn for our beds. Children are better at hiding a sleep deficit. “Tired children … [Read more...]

    The Baby Brain Language Connection – Neuroscience Peeks In On The Beginnings Of Speech And Vocabulary

    One-year-old Dylan said his first words, “I love,” shortly after his first birthday. (Say it with me: Awwww.) He was right on track developmentally. According to the First Words Project at Florida State University, parents report that 12-month-olds say from one to three words. This milestone is as exciting as it is unpredictable; nobody knows just … [Read more...]

    Bunking Up: Strategies for Shared-Room Success

    As a second-born, Corey and Katey Hage’s son Josiah was destined for a shared bedroom from day one. The Hages wanted him to bunk up with his older brother, Ezra, to conserve space in the family’s modestly-sized home and help the boys build a lasting bond. But reaching the goal wasn’t easy. Sleeping near a sibling took some getting used to for … [Read more...]

    Pregnant-zzzzz: Getting the Sleep You Need When You’re Expecting

    Pregnant women are often told to “sleep now, while you can” – but sleeping during pregnancy is easier said than done. Just ask Emily Waggoner, who was surprised to find herself sleepless while pregnant with her daughter Sarah, now one year old. “Before pregnancy, I would get in bed, fall asleep easily and awaken eight hours later,” she says. That … [Read more...]

    Safer Sports: Preventing Sports Injuries in Children

    Sports injuries are sidelining more young athletes than ever before, a trend that concerns doctors, coaches and parents. According to the STOP Sports Injury Campaign, 2 million sports injuries strike high school students each year. Doctors are seeing serious injuries in children as young as 5; kids under 14 account for 40 percent of sports-related … [Read more...]

    Pack Pain: Backpack Safety for Back to School

    Kids everywhere will head back to class this fall with their own unique sense of fashion on display. Whether students sport a message tee, cargo shorts or a school uniform, one accessory they’re sure to have is a backpack – soon to be overflowing with everything they consider essential (like snacks and headphones). For over 90 percent of the … [Read more...]