Lisa Shara

Lisa Shara

Writer Lisa Shara lives in upper Northern California where she is involved in a variety of community projects.

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    A Dog In The Family – A Guide To Knowing If The Time Is Right

    Dogs! They offer the qualities of affection, loyalty and a sense of adventure, and can be a great addition to your family…but when? Your kids may think the right time is now, but how do you really know if your family is ready for the responsibility of a new canine member? Before deciding to bring a new dog into the family, here are some things … [Read more...]

    The Importance Of Staying Cool – Understanding Heat Stroke

    Did you know that heat stroke is the number one weather-related cause of death in the U.S.? As the weather warms and we bring out our hiking shoes, bikes and gardening trowels, knowing the symptoms, causes and prevention of heat stroke is of vital importance. Heat-related illnesses occur when our bodies are unable to sufficiently cool off, which … [Read more...]

    John Cunningham, MFT, Mount Shasta

    Whether global or local, a healthy community respects all ages and fosters connection and support. John Cunningham has a passion for building community that embraces youth. “A community with a good foundation offers its members a net to fall back on. It even helps to raise each other’s children, by the willingness to be a presence in their lives, … [Read more...]

    Air Conditioning Tune-Ups – Keeping your unit in tip-top shape

    An air conditioner is a well engineered appliance, designed to perform under tough circumstances. Like any piece of mechanical equipment, an air conditioner needs regular maintenance to insure it runs efficiently and safely. In fact, if your AC unit is still under warranty, regular maintenance is likely required to maintain the warranty. This is a … [Read more...]