Lisa Shara

Lisa Shara

Writer Lisa Shara lives in upper Northern California where she is involved in a variety of community projects.

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    Three Outstanding Family Fairs In The North State

    The North State offers numerous special events for children and families during the month of April, including these three outstanding fun and educational fairs held annually in Chico, Redding and Red Bluff. Entrance and participation is free, thanks to the caring efforts of numerous organizations, dozens of community volunteers, and generous … [Read more...]

    Make A Valentine Love Bug

    You will need: Pink, red, purple and/or white pompoms in several sizes Pink, red, purple and/or white pipe cleaners (small pieces/scraps can be used) Heart-shaped sequins, rhinestones, etc. for decorating bugs Wiggly eyes Glue Directions: Glue 2 of the larger-sized pompoms together side by side for main body. Where the body … [Read more...]

    Mi Escuelita Maya Preschool & Children’s Performing Arts Program – A Place of Learning and Inspiration

    In a setting best described as welcoming and warm, where diversity is honored and creativity abounds, children go about the business of learning with great enthusiasm. Smiling teachers clearly are having as much fun as they guide students in discovery and play. The inspiration is palpable. With a strong shared vision, owner and director Maria … [Read more...]

    How Does a Small Town & Small School Make Room for Music Education?

    McCloud is a small rural town on the southern slope of Mount Shasta. It’s also an exemplary model of promoting arts in education – each year the town proves that communities and educators can work together to keep music alive in public schools. McCloud Elementary School, in collaboration with arts non-profit Young Imaginations, provides music … [Read more...]

    When Someone Believes, Possibilities Open: Solid as a Rock – Azad’s Martial Arts’ Rock Solid Teens Program

    What does it take to make a significant change in one’s life, to go from struggle to a place of confidence? Farshad Azad believes it’s a combination of factors and requires change on all levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Change is the cornerstone of the Rock Solid Teens program, known as “RST,” at Azad’s Martial Arts Family … [Read more...]

    Lou Wegner: Kids Against Animal Cruelty

    18-year-old actor and activist Lou Wegner is the founder of the national movement Kids Against Animal Cruelty. He currently lives and works in Southern California. NSP: What you are most passionate about? LW: I am most passionate about spreading awareness to my generation to be pet-responsible. I was devastated to learn that 4 to 6 million … [Read more...]

    Mikayla Hocker: Camp Ford Helps Teens Grow as Leaders

    This past July, 14-year-old  Mikayla Hocker attended Camp Ford, a week-long outdoor leadership camp for teens who are starting their freshman year at Siskiyou County high schools. The camp is a collaboration of four partners: The Ford Family Foundation, Siskiyou Family YMCA, Rural Development Initiatives and Adventure White Water.  In 2014, the … [Read more...]

    Some Like It Cold! – An Interview With Open Water Swimmer Hunter Wright

    Open water swimmer Hunter Wright recently turned 17. He trains in the challenging waters of the San Francisco Bay; to date he has completed 20 Alcatraz crossings and 8 Golden Gate Bridge swims. He also trains in frigid lake waters in upper CA, closer to his hometown of Redding.  It’s not uncommon for Hunter  to swim in temperatures ranging from … [Read more...]

    Where Adventure, Dreams, and Inspiration Begin – Raven and the Unicorn Children’s Theater

    The Raven and the Unicorn Children’s Theater is a proposed 800-seat theater designed specifically for child-centered performing arts programs and educational opportunities. The theater will be the only Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum-level certified children’s theater in the world, demonstrating environmentally … [Read more...]

    Just Believe – Artistic Sibling Duo Unites Community In Music And Dance

    In Chico, the powerhouse brother-sister team of Sarah Blakley and Jeff Schneeweis brings a strong mix of creative talents to their new company, Believe Productions. The duo developed separate careers in the arts, and say they have always been inspired by each other's work. It’s no stretch to understand why. Blakley works as a choreographer, … [Read more...]