Linda Morgan

Linda Morgan

Linda Morgan is the author of Beyond Smart: Boosting Your Child's Social, Emotional, and Academic Potential.

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    Keeping Your Child’s Love For Writing (Not Texting!) Alive

    Glanced at your child’s text messages lately? No? How about her e-mails or online chats? If you take a peek, you’ll find plenty of sentence fragments, emoticons and shortcuts like LOL (laugh out loud) and BFF (best friends forever). Punctuation? Forget about it. Which begs the question: Where has all the good writing gone? Chances are, you … [Read more...]

    What to Do When Your Child Cheats

    Think back to third grade. It’s spelling-test day, and the word is “money.” Would that be “m-o-n-i-e”? Maybe, if you just peeked a bit over your friend’s shoulder and took a look . . . he’s writing the word now … there it is! “Monny!” OK, you never copied someone else’s paper. But maybe your best buddy slipped you a note during history class … [Read more...]