Lara Krupicka

Lara Krupicka

Writer and speaker Lara Krupicka spends her free time sewing, reading and playing strategy games with her family. Lara and her husband enjoy life with three girls in the house.

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    Help Improve Your Child’s Memory

    When your child struggles with remembering things, especially when it relates to learning, they can become frustrated. But there's hope. Memorizing is a skill that can be learned and improved, and there are many ways you can help. Here are a few suggestions: Increasing Complexity One method is to give your child increasingly complex … [Read more...]

    21 Questions To Jump-Start School-Related Conversations With Your Kids 

    It's evening. Maybe you're lucky enough to be sitting around the dinner table as a family. Or perhaps you've got a few moments in the car with your child between activities. So you ask, "How was your day?" But all you get are grunts and shrugged shoulders. Instead you try asking, "What did you do in school today?" This time you get the customary … [Read more...]

    Holding on to the Thanks

    I'm making leftover turkey sandwiches - pieces of toast spread with mayonnaise and topped with thin slices of turkey and globs of homemade stuffing. The phone rings and I quickly lick my fingers, savoring the zip of sage, before grabbing the receiver. It's my mother-in-law, calling with her annual day-after-Thanksgiving request. She's not asking … [Read more...]

    From Crippling Threat to Family Pet: Helping Kids Overcome Their Fear of Dogs

    Your child begins shrieking and clutches tightly at your leg, trying desperately to climb up your body. As you pick him up, you look around for clues to his behavior. That’s when you spot the little Yorkie coming down the sidewalk. The owner, seeing your child’s tears, halts a few feet away and gives you a sympathetic grin. “Would he like to pet … [Read more...]

    Finding Your Best Pet

    When Erica Galligan’s children were young, her family tried adopting a dog, but allergies forced the family to return him to the breeder. They found alternative pets, starting with a saltwater aquarium, and later, freshwater fish and a tree frog. “An aquarium was easy, low-maintenance, and fun to look at,” Galligan explains about their baby steps … [Read more...]

    It’s A Match: Sports, Clubs, Music & More – Helping Your Child Find A Free Time Activity That Fits

    According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there is a strong association between kids' participation in extracurricular activities and academic success. But finding the right activity, club, or sport that’s the right fit for your child can sometimes be a tricky matter. Just about every parent can attest to the frustration of trying … [Read more...]

    Doesn’t Bug Me

    I remember the afternoon when one of our girls, a toddler at the time, brought me a treasure from our yard clutched in her chubby hand. Holding her fist up to my face, she opened it to reveal a balled-up roly-poly bug. Instinctively I shrieked and knocked it from her hand. She looked up at me, her eyes wide in shock. Then she let out a long howl. I … [Read more...]