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    Two North State Organizations Focus On Healthy Eyes, Clear Vision

    Watching a sunset, seeing the faces of children and loved ones, or the simple view of flower-filled grassy knolls are all pleasures in life that some people risk losing when affected by progressive vision problems. Fortunately, there are organizations filled with caring people who have the important job of working to prevent blindness. One of … [Read more...]

    Make A Lasting Impression With A New Door

    Many people may not be able to buy a dream home or do a complete home remodel in the current slow economy, but one affordable way to spruce up a house is to replace the front door. It is one of the first objects a person sees when coming to a house and the last when leaving. New and refurbished doors not only add character, but can add value to a … [Read more...]

    Solar Thermal Water Heating: Efficient and Green

    Solar thermal is considered a renewable and green resource for hot water heating. A solar water heating system captures the warmth of the sun, transfers that heat to water, and works with your conventional water heater to help it use less energy. “Solar thermal works pretty much all year long here in the North State,” says Patrick Wallner, … [Read more...]

    Gallery Ideas for a Home: Preserving Art & Memories

    Organizing art and pictures on a wall is harder than it looks, and taking time to talk with an expert can offer valuable knowledge and spark ideas. Whether displaying art, photos, maps or keepsakes, a professional framer can lend a helping hand regarding the best ways to make items look good, and can also offer tips on how to preserve them for … [Read more...]