Kimberley Harper

Kimberley Harper

Writer Kimberley Harper lives with her family and her cats in Siskiyou County. In her work in support of artists, she has come to a deep appreciation of the value of arts in the community.

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    Afterschool Opportunity: Build It Redding Offers Creative Fun with Technology

    Faye Hall knew her daughter and son, now 12 and 13 years old, were bright and curious. Yet she noticed they weren’t learning some things well in school due to the format in which they were being taught. And since neither child was interested in sports, their choices for extra-curricular activities were limited. So when Faye and her family moved to … [Read more...]

    Stellar Charter School Relives History

    Stellar Charter School in Redding presently educates 200 children, with a combination of on-site core classes and parent- and teacher-supervised instruction at home. Part of the school’s curriculum includes elective classes that go above and beyond the usual on-site book learning, including docent programs in science and history. Started 14 years … [Read more...]

    A Creative Contribution – How Two Moms Are Helping Their Local School

    The “Team J Moms” Facebook page says its purpose is “…to ensure our children receive the education they deserve.” The super duo who started the page, Jenelle Walker and Jasmine Borgatti, have raised over $5,000 for their children’s elementary school in just under a year with their grassroots fundraising efforts, including organizing the Mt. Shasta … [Read more...]

    Art! It’s Fun & Fundamental – Three North State Studios Offer Arts Classes for Healthier, Happier People.

    Many people appreciate the enjoyment received from creating art, but probably few understand its benefits to health and happiness. Making art teaches appropriate ways to problem solve and deal with stress, and how to process emotions and embrace challenges. Blue Giraffe Studios Even those who are intimidated or uninterested in visual arts can … [Read more...]