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Kim Seidel

Kim Seidel is an award-winning writer and mother of two daughters.

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    Playing With Your Crawler

    Even with all of the amazing toys she had as a toddler, my oldest daughter most remembers the huge cardboard box. Today she’s a teen, and she still brings up how she crawled through that long, wide box our television stand was delivered in. As I coaxed her along, she loved to get on all fours to pretend she was a puppy running through the makeshift … [Read more...]

    Drink Up! Water is Vital for Healthy Pregnancy

    If you’re pregnant this summer, remember to drink plenty of water. While many pregnant women attend doctor appointments and avoid too much junk food, they may be forgetting this important habit. Pregnancy significantly increases the importance of drinking water throughout the day, for the health of both the expectant mother and her … [Read more...]

    Toddlers Need Exercise Too!

    Cardio is not only for adults. With the growing childhood obesity problem, it’s important to get your older baby and toddler up and active. It’s easy to do, as young children are naturally motivated to move. A child’s wonder years begin in toddlerhood, says Karen Ronney, a tennis pro, National Special Olympics coach, and mother of three children … [Read more...]