Judy M Miller

Judy M Miller

Judy M. Miller works with pre-adoptive and adoptive parents, equipping them with new techniques and information, and encouraging and empowering adoptive families through difficult times. She is the author of What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween.

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    What I Thought I Knew vs. What I Know About Raising Adopted Kids

    With consistent limitlessness, I love all my children the same, born to me and adopted by me. Then again, if I'm honest, that's not totally true. I love my adopted kids "more," because more is required. My adopted children arrived with invisible, overflowing suitcases of tough stuff - issues inherent to adoption - spilling over into our daily … [Read more...]

    Is Your Child Ready For School? Are You?

    Anticipation builds as the new school year approaches. Every year my kids become antsy as the stores fill up with new backpacks, fun and colorful accessories, and the latest in locker items and school supplies. And even though I am not ready to begin the process of letting summer with my kids slip through my fingers, I grudgingly give in and get to … [Read more...]

    Hello?? Five Ways You Can Teach Your Child To Listen

    If you are like many parents, you’ve probably had the thought that your child doesn’t listen to you. How often have you felt frustration or resorted to raising your voice? Do you feel like you have to remind your child about things so often that you sound like a broken record? Here are five tips that can go a long way in encouraging your child … [Read more...]