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Joy Hosey

Joy Hosey is a Relationship Guide and Coach living in Ashland, OR. You can find out more about her and her work at

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    Secrets of Successful Commitments – Part 2

    Last month we explored the first three “secrets” for assessing both conscious and unconscious commitments in relationships, and how commitments affect your ability to make clear agreements. This month’s article highlights ensuring that the commitments you DO make are authentic, and how to keep them alive. Imagine your commitments as the guiding … [Read more...]

    Secrets of Successful Commitments – Part 1

    The “C” word – Commitment – elicits a wide range of beliefs, feelings and potential confusion for many couples. Commitments and agreements are foundational to any healthy partnership, yet many people struggle with clearly communicating their values and preferences. For some, Commitment = Forever = "Yikes, there goes my freedom!” while others view … [Read more...]

    Seems Like Old Times: Learning to Reconnect With Your Mate

    There is nothing like the flush of young love. We feel alive, full of innocence and hope, completely open to another’s needs and desires. Our emotions and chemistry are skewed in favor of believing: This is someone I will treasure forever. This is true whether the person is your lover or your child. For most couples, they first have this … [Read more...]

    The Art of Appreciation, Part 2

    Take a moment to ponder when you feel most loved by your partner. In those moments there is likely a sense of being seen, an expanded quality in the heart and a relaxation in the body. This quality of receptivity occurs when two people meet in the field of appreciation. When this happens, both parties experience a deep sense of satisfaction. Love … [Read more...]

    The Art of Appreciation

    In the everyday hubbub of parenting, working, play dates and house-holding, it’s easy to overlook one of our most precious resources...our partner. Ironically, the person we rely upon the most can also be the one we most fail to appreciate (next to ourselves). And it’s this lack of appreciation – our ability to lovingly acknowledge others and … [Read more...]