John Sanguinetti

John Sanguinetti

John Sanguinetti is a fourth-generation native North State resident. He is a retired electrician, a used book store owner and volunteer for environmental causes. He is known for being tight with a dollar and useful under the hood of a car.

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    Getaway Spotlight: Lithia Springs Resort in Ashland, OR

    My wife and I have done a few romantic R&R weekend getaways to Ashland, Oregon, over the last several years. We both love the area and the walkability of its exceptionally beautiful park and downtown area, and how perfectly quaint and clean this part of Southern Oregon is. We recently visited a new place for us, and it’s a winner in our book! … [Read more...]

    Heating Bills Leaving You Cold? The Benefits of Mini-Split, Heat Pumps.

    Most people have heard of heat pump technology. More and more these days, heat pumps are providing both heating and cooling for homes and businesses. Traditionally in the U.S., heat pumps have provided either hot or cold air for distribution by blowers, through air-ducts and registers in ceilings, floors and walls. Heat pumps are employed … [Read more...]

    A World of Appliances

    It really is a world full of appliances these days! There are so many choices between all the available major and not-so-major creations beckoning us with their promises of ease, utility and service! Modern appliances do make housework and chores easier and quicker. Major appliances – stove, refrigerator, water heater, dishwasher, clothes … [Read more...]

    Auto Care My Way

    Ever since I was age 14 in 1959, I have loved cars. My dad used to let me drive the family 1952 Ford station wagon (a Woody) up and down our driveway just to practice with the clutch and gas. My grandfather had a 1940 Chevrolet pickup with the starter button on the floor that I got to drive on back roads (with him) until I got my license the day I … [Read more...]